RESTOENE in the training of scientists and technicians in the field in which the present Project is developed.

Master courses

Master in technology and energy resources. URJC taught this course, has a duration of three semesters annually. Dr. A. Vizcaíno (URJC) participates as speakers on it.

Interuniversity master's degree in chemical engineering. This master develops to the URJC (UAM), lasts for 2 semesters. Drs. J.A. Melero, J.A. streets, A. Carrero and G. Morales participate as speakers of URJC.

Master's degree in energy management. This master's degree is organized by the Superior training center of Repsol and has a duration of two semesters. Drs. J.A. Melero and G. Morales (URJC).

Master in refining, petrochemical and Gas. This master organised by the Centre of training of Repsol annually and it has a duration of two semesters. Dr. J.A. Melero (URJC).

Master in management of transport and mobility. This is a Master of the URJC, annually and with a duration of two semesters. Drs. J.A. Melero and G. Morales (URJC).

European master in renewable energy and energy efficiency. This master organizes the CIRCE Foundation and U. Zaragoza and has annual duration. Dr. M. Ballesteros (CIEMAT).

Interuniversity master's degree "Molecular inorganic chemistry". This Master is organised by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad de Alcalá de Henares. Dr. M.A. Peña of ICP-CSIC.

Master's degree in energy technologies of low CO2 emissions. URJC organizes this Master, lasts three semesters and participate the Drs. Mr. Serrano, J.A. Melero, J.M. Coronado and P. Pizarro.

Master energy market and renewable energy. The Industrial Organization school organizes this master and also has an annual duration. Dr. M.Ballesteros of CIEMAT is also involved as a speaker.

Master's degree in renewable energy and environment. This master's degree is organized by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and involves Dr. M.A. Peña (ICP-CSIC) and Dr. P. Manzanares (CIEMAT).

Master's degree in microbiology and Parasitology: R+D renewable energy. This master is organised by the UCM, has annual duration and participate as speakers Drs. M.J. Negro and J.M. Oliva CIEMAT.

Master's degree in renewable energy, fuel cells and hydrogen. This course is sponsored by the UIMP. It has an annual basis. The Dr. M. Ballesteros of CIEMAT participates as a speaker in one of the modules. In another module, coordinated by Dr. R.M. Navarro, participating as speakers of the CSIC Drs, R.M. Navarro, M.A. Peña, C. Álvarez and J.L.G. Fierro.

Master in energy and fuels for the future. In this master's degree is organized by three departments of the UAM, CIEMAT, Institute of cement and construction "E. Torroja" of CSIC, UPM, and IDAE participate. Dr. P. Ocón of the UAM assumes part of the tasks of coordination of the course and teaches with his team, the subjects of fuel cells and electrochemical fundamentals. It has an annual duration.

Master's degree in renewable energy. The University of Jaén organizes this Master, has annual duration and Dr. J.M. Oliva of CIEMAT participates as a speaker in it.

Master's degree in renewable energy and energy efficiency. This master is organised by the University of Salamanca and posed with an annual duration. Dr. M. Ballesteros of CIEMAT participates as a speaker.

Participation in doctoral programs

Doctoral programme "electrochemistry: Science and technology". This program is interuniversitary, developed jointly with 11 Spanish universities. In this program are taught subjects related to the topic of generation and energy storage. The program has the mention of quality awarded by the ANECA and transformed into Master. Dr. P. Ocón of the UAM is involved.

Doctoral programme in industrial technologies: environmental, energy, electronics, chemistry, mechanics and materials. This program develops in the Rey Juan Carlos University and participate the Drs. J.A. Melero, J.A. Calles, A. Carrero and G. Morales, all of them of the URJC. Realization of doctoral theses related to the proposed programme. In the course of the development of this research program is estimated that at least five doctoral thesis can be made on issues directly related to the raised lines of research. Areas in which the aim is to develop are the following: catalytic pyrolysis of biomass, production of biodiesel from high energy density, development of electrocatalysts for fuel cells low temperature, secondary production of hydrogen and chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis of ligno-cellulosic material and exchange membrane. The financial support for doctoral students carrying them out will come partly from the program and is also expected to have programs contracts MINECO predoctoral as well as other actions, especially designed for this purpose, in the Community of Madrid.

Other Educational activities

Summer courses

During next four years of program development is expected at least two courses within the respective editions of the "summer courses" of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos on issues related to the production and use of the conversion of biomass-derived fuels and renewable energy. It also features members of the different groups and companies participating in this program, as well as national and international experts in the area of biofuels. Seminars and other courses: is slated to seminars to present the results achieved in the different lines of research integrated into the program. These events will have a biennial character. They will serve as a stimulus to encourage cooperation, visibility and scientific exchange between groups. Its financing will be done with funds from the program, as well as resources from other programs.

Specialization biofuels and biorefinery course Course organized by the University of Málaga and the ICP-CSIC. It has annual, and it involves the Drs. J.M. Campos-Martin and S. Rojas. Also, URJC, IMDEA Energy and ICP-CSIC, UAM participate in end-of-grade and end of Master work at conferences in week of science, in the orientation days students grade and on the Night of Researchers.