Clean fuels for transport from agro-forestry waste. RESTOENE-2-CM, S2013/MAE-2882

The program RESTOENE2 participates in the laboratory of technical Espectroscopticas (LABTE). LABTE is a laboratory that arises as a consequence of the integration of various techniques of analysis to support several contracts for the provision of services signed by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and many companies, mainly in the sector of production of oil and derived products. The laboratory of spectroscopic techniques holds the accreditation by ENAC according to the UNEENISO/IEC 17025 standard for analysis of quantification of metals enaceites lubricants (ASTM D5185:2013) since January 2009. This laboratory is located on the first floor of building Department I of Móstoles Campus - School of Sciences Experimental and Technology (lab 125). The technical equipment available in the LABTE is resulting from the union of various equipment and analytical experimental techniques available in the departments of chemical technology and energy and BPM chemistry and environmental of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Below is an instrumental part of analysis, by analytical technique available.